Amber Fashion


Amber is one of the important trendsetters in the fashion industry. They are widely used by fashion designers all around the world. The main aspect is that it appears as an original addition. They are the main decoration of collections by the Polish designers. One of the important and main event in which amber used is during the Gdansk Amberif International Fair. The Fashion and Amber Gala is one of those main events. Baltic Gold is the main attraction of this event. Other events such as Sopot Fashion days and the open air fashion shows are incomplete without Amber. Modern and daring ideas along with a combination of materials, inspirations, patterns and associations are the characteristic feature of the event.

Amber is available naturally in different sizes and shapes. It is blended with the modern design to make fine jewelry art and jewelry goods, as it offers a diversity of the material. One of the decisive factors in jewelry making is the authenticity of the material. It is not important whether the design is traditional or modern. The presentation and authenticity of the material is what matters. That is why it is recommended to ask for the Amber Passport or industry certificates while shopping the amber. Normally, the consumers are aware of the certificates to check the whether the material is genuine or not. It is also a purchase proof of the authentic product. Moreover, it guarantees that good practices have been observed.

Different forms of jewelry with innovative forms and surprising designs creates a new image for amber, which is being successfully acclaimed all over the world. It is also gaining more currency in the world. Amber is not considered as a little string of stones, but as a valuable one. New designs are made by combining amber with gold, silver, diamonds, gems and other precious stones and also natural materials such as leather. In addition to that, more items such as chess sets, powder compacts and even USB flash drive cases are made out of amber. Jewelry and items for everyday use can also be made with amber.