Amber Jewelry Trends


Amber is considered to be the unsung darling of the gem world. Amber and amber jewelries are very affordable as you can buy that from different stores around the world and also from shopping sites. They are lightweight that makes them ideal for jewelry making and well storied. Amber can serve as a time capsule, as sometimes they trap insects inside the fossilized resin.

The oldest piece of amber originated during the Carboniferous period. Amber is an organic gem. They are the product of the once-living organisms or insects. The Baltic Sea region of Poland is the largest producer of Amber. 
The Amber collected from this region is generally known as Baltic Amber. Many pieces are available in brown hues and in few parts around the world, including Mexico, Myanmar, Russia and the Dominican Republic. 

The latest trend in Amber jewelry has been introduced by the designers, setting diamonds into amber. It can be used as accents on other accessories or pairing up with other accessories or jewelries. But the Polish design community, the important ones at the Annual Amberif fair held in Gdansk, Poland, may be the most innovative and dedicated fans of Amber since it’s mined. Behind the scenes, they are into making the rugged-looking gem pop into modern techniques.