Babies Skin Care and Hair Care


Babies are born with wonderfully smooth and soft skin. Some babies' skin are more sensitive than others. You'll need to take special care, especially when your baby has sensitive skin.

Use all-natural diapers. It is also recommended to use diapers indicated for sensitive skin (hypo-allergenic). Avoid using wipes as they can make sensitive skin very red and uncomfortable for your baby. Use cotton balls dipped in warm water to clean your baby's diaper area instead of using wipes. But, always remember to change the bowl of water frequently. Use plenty of diaper cream to cover the area if your baby's skin turns red. Before using any new product on your baby, always do a patch test. Apply a small on baby’s arm and check for few minutes to make sure that the product can be used further.

Avoid or limit using soap to clean your baby. During the first year, water and a washcloth are sufficient for washing your baby. If your baby starts to smell, use a soap made for sensitive babies, like Mustela or Aveeno. Try to avoid soaps with fragrances. Make sure your baby always wears a hat when he or she is outside and keep your baby out of the sun.  Apply sunscreen for babies, if he or she is going to spend a day in the sun.

Being dehydrated will worsen your baby's skin condition. So, you have to make sure that your baby is getting plenty of water to drink and prevent the body from getting dehydrated. Do not bathe your baby too much as it can dry out the baby skin. You only need to bathe them every 2-3 days with mild soap if your baby is much younger. If you still have issues managing your baby's sensitive skin, then consult a doctor and seek medical advice.