Reading the books, talking to others who have shared the experience, and watching the movies are all great ways to inform you of what to expect during childbirth. However, none of those can fully prepare you, because every labor and delivery birth experience is different. As much as mums like to be prepared, things come up that can’t be predicted or avoided sometimes. So, to save yourself the stress of worrying and to best prepare your body and baby for birth, make a decision.

Decide today, no matter how far along in your pregnancy you are, that you will choose flexibility. Realize that your birthing plan may change and that it is ok if it does, because everyone in your delivery room has the best interest of you and your baby in mind. Begin to condition yourself today to adopt the attitude and thoughts that everything will be ok and that the health of you and your baby is the only important thing. Some things are far more important than the route to the hospital or the music that plays in your room. Your birthing experience, in the grand scheme of things are one small part of parenting, and will go by so quickly, that your focus should be, enjoying what you can, and filling your mind with positive, peaceful, and joyous thoughts. You will be glad you did later, and your new child will benefit from your loving energy.