From What Amber Gets Inspired


Amber can boast a very proud, rich and heritage tradition. It has a vast experience of an amazing journey through centuries of tradition. This has left its remarkable traces in Pomorskie which is quiet unmatchable by any other firm. One cannot ignore the fact that the main strengths and highlights of this region is the amber museum exhibitions, educational workshops, processing/polishing/demonstration, fashion shows, fairs, open-air events and finally amber-focused tourist products which are many in number.

Pomorskie Voivodeship is a location that got famous for having the most interesting spots on the Amber route. It is highly advisable that people who love visiting such places should never miss a thematic tour to the most amazing amber related sites which is mostly located in Gdansk and therefore it is rightly called as the World Amber Capital.

The Brand Called Amber:

 Amber is a brand that cannot be challenged by any other brand! It is hard, petrified and tree resin. It needs to be noted that there are more than one hundred and thirty types of fossil resins which can be found from all over the world. They are generally differentiated based on their origin, age and tree species they originate from. It might be shocking to many to know that The Baltic Amber has stories of over 40 million years ago to tell.

Another thing that needs to be noted is that its largest deposits are located in the bottom of Gdansk Bay.  The interesting thing is that it is the only tree resin to contain up to eight percent of succinic acid, which is considered as a natural catalyst of cell metabolism and thus it is a health related issue. Natural Amber comes in a variety of colors and it has got a wide range of colors truly!